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Oil and Gas market

Wide development of knowledge and expertise in all phases for the Oil and Gas market, especially in the following areas:

Exploration and production (“Upstream”)

Production facilities, Well pads,Main station, Flow stations, Compression stations, Crude Oil & Gas treatment: Separation, Dehydrating,Sweetening, Water treatment, Compression plants, Storage and Pumping, among others.

Transportation, process and storage (“Midstream”)

Collection system, Supply and Flow systems, Relay and heating stations, Distribution plants, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Gas pipes and Poliducts.

Refining, Sale and Supply (“Downstream”)

Crude oil distillation unit, DelayedCoker / Gas plant, Naphta / Naphta hydrotreating, sulfur recovery unit, catalytic reforming, isomerization and caustic treatment along with facilities for coke handling,  Alkylation, among others.