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SHAC Integrated System

In OTEPI, the preventive and predictive quality engineering, manage, assure, control and improved through the design and operation of an integrated management system, which we have constructed from the safety, health, environment and Quality policy, vision and values of OTEPI Corporation.

We have integrated Management System Safety, Health and Environment based Management System Quality adapted to the requirements of the family of rules OHSAS 18000 (occupational health and safety) ISO 14000 (environment) and ISO 9000 (quality ).

The design, operation and continual improvement of the effectiveness of the management system to achieve the overall results of all projects, is done by considering the following management principles, which are aimed at ensuring sustainable flawless performance:

  • Management by Results
  • Effective Communication
  • Organization and management of Knowledge
  • Management Productivity and Innovation
  • Risk Management