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 In OTEPI Group through our Renewable Division we are providing solutions in the area of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change Consulting, Energy and Sustainability; well as LEED Certified Buildings under the USGBC (United State Green Building Council).

Through our leading Renewable Energy business, we expose the development of the actions of the area to commemorate our 46th Anniversary OTEPI Group: “In the last three years the division of Renewable Energy Group is prepared to offer its customers integrated solutions in the areas of energy efficiency and energy generation from renewable sources. We could say that our current portfolio of solutions, backed by solid strategic partnerships allow us to be at the forefront of this important sector and pioneering some existing technological products.

Otepi decided to direct resources since 2007 for investment under the line of new businesses related to Renewable Energy, reasoned knowledge of the various stages of the world‘s energy future, renewable energy technologies and their feasibility based on trends worldwide statistics.

In response to the requirements of energy efficiency worldwide, the industry has been investing and developing on LED technology, due to its high performance, low power consumption and long lifespan as its most outstanding advantages. This energy saving trend has given growth to the use of efficient lighting technologies LED, comments by the engineer Alexander Montero, Energy Efficient with LED illumination division.

In the month of April 2013, The City of Knowledge in Panama held the inauguration of the building THE PLAZA City of Knowledge“, in which the great achievement of being the 1st building in Panama GOLD LEED Green Building Certification commemorated Certification Institute of the United States of America, in the category of Housing and Core (Core & Shell).