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Generating solutions that create value without border

The OTEPI corporation has 46 years providing comprehensive engineering services and projects to the different productive sectors. Over the years it has established itself as a leader or group in the development of projects in the energy sector (oil, gas, electricity and renewable), infrastructure and manufacturing, among others.

Among the services offered include: Engineering and project: studies, engineering, project management, procurement, construction, technical assistance, start-up and commissioning and operation and maintenance. Specialized technical assistance service: supply provides highly trained staff and expertise in the various disciplines that are required within your organization or project, keeping under control the guidance and supervision of assigned staff. Renewable: consulting, design and promotion of solar, wind and hybrid, Waste to Energy – with waste or biomass and LED lighting technology. Currently committed to exceeding the needs and expectations of customers with solutions and services of high quality and value, providing at all times to improve staff and environment is maintained.